PM for integrated development in Maoist areas

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Tuesday called for "integrated action" in Maoist areas towards "sustainable development for all".
PM for integrated development in Maoist areas
"Development in Naxal areas must be in tune with the need of the local people," the prime minister said, addressing 60 district collectors of Maoist affected areas.
Highlighting "lack of security" as a "big constraint" in pushing development plans, Manmohan Singh said the government must provide security to those dealing with the cash component of the development schemes.
"Post offices and bank branches can be operated from the police stations," said the prime minister.
Stating that the challenge before the Planning Commission and the rural development ministry was to make the best use of the resources available, the prime minister stressed on better "monitoring" systems for the development schemes.
He said the feedback of the local administrators was crucial in the 12th Five Year Plan.
The prime minister said the challenge was how panchayati raj institutions can become a genuine instrument in rural development.