Experts deliberate on measures to combat terror

Kolkata, Dec 8 : Indian security experts, along with some of their international counterparts, deliberated here today on how best to save our cities from acts of terror both from within the country and outside.

At a seminar organised by the Security Watch India(SWI), a pannel comprising former Nagaland Governor and former IB Chief Shyamal Dutta, Sheriff of Kolkata Utpal Chatterjee and eminent security experts from the United States of America discussed measures to combat terror.

They deliberated on the new face of terrorism post 9/11 with al-Qaeda emerging as the centre of ideological moorings of the so called Jihadi groups.

The relationship and wide network among the AQ and its accolytes, including LeT, JeM and Huji which traget India, were also discussed.

The participants discussed threadbare the Afpak (Afghanisthan-Pakistan) situation and possible re-emergence of Taliban as the power centre with the support of the Pakistani military and intelligence establishments and its consequences on India.

In the context of the above threats, the speakers vouched for a need to create a wider security apparatus involving government agencies, industries, business houses, private security agencies and the civil societies.

They also highlighted the centrality of specialised training and preparedness to meet the terrorist threats and also to cater to any crisis arising out of natural disasters and Chemical Bioligical Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) events.

Besides Kolkata, the seminar was organised in eight other cities, including Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and Bangalore.