Maoist-NE rebel link evokes concern in the region

Guwahati, Aug 30: Growing links between the Maoist rebel groups and North East ultra groups has become a serious cause of concern. The issue came up in a recent meeting when all the states of DGPs and IGPs gathered in New Delhi.

High officials said that Maoist rebels are yet to have strong presence in the North East states by maintaining a close links with rebel groups of the region.

Sources said that Maoists had visited Myanmar for the training sessions and they are now said to have close link with the Manipur rebel group PLA.

Further reports said Maoist groups visited Manipur in 2009 and it is believed that both the groups would be benefited from mutual understanding and the PLA cadres are in a position to provide training to the Maoist members. It is also reported that even the NSCN(I-M) are in close connection with the Maoist groups.

The security agencies also believed that the Maoist groups might try to procure weapons from the militant groups of the region.

Meanwhile, police sources said that the Maoist rebels are yet to establish bases in Assam.