FightTerror.Net Initiative

We’ve come across a nice initiative called as ‘FightTerror.Net’ spearheaded by one of our volunteer-organiser! We’re just including some basic info about the initiative so that Community can also join in!

With several regions reeling under insurgency — several active terrorist groups and frequent terror attacks — FightTerror.Net is a community effort to drive awareness and raise a unified voice against terror. Rise against terror!
India has, since 2004, lost more lives to terrorist incidents than all of North America, South America, Central America, Europe and Eurasia put together. All of these vast swathes of the globe lost a total of 3,280 lives in terrorist incidents between January 2004 and March 2007. India alone lost 3,674 lives over the same period of three years and three months.That is, to say, on an average 8 people have lost their lives in a terrorist attack, every single day during the period.
In October 2008 alone, Assam witnessed 18 terror bombings across the state. Set amidst the undulating Barail range, the NC Hills district in Assam became sort of a battleground reeling in a series of ethnic bloodbath between 2003-2006.
FightTerror.Net is a community initiative to create mass awareness through extensive documentation, supported by citizen journalists to create a unified voice against terror.
Built leveraging Ushahidi, citizen journalists can report terror incidents in either of three easy ways:
1. By sending a message to +91-9953987789
Sample sms:
#Fightterror #(Add Location) (Your Report).
2. By sending an email to
3. By sending a @peaceactivists tweet with the hashtags #fightterror
4. By filling a simple form at the website

The effort will come to the benefit of citizens across the globe not just in getting to know Terror Reports but also in critical efforts in the aftermath of terror incidents for critical information dissemination such as blood requirements, et al. The site also offers advanced options of Subcribing to Alerts specific to chosen locatons again in very simple ways: through sms alerts, email or rss feeds!
A nascent progressive initiative with room for much more improvisation, FightTerror.Net solicits your support to bring change – take a step forward towards peace!
Please jump in to help in any way possible:
1. Volunteer as reporter for your city/region/state
2. Volunteer as moderators
3. Help in the Technology/UI enhancements
4. Just any other way you can help… ‘cos every step counts!
You can also help spread the word within your network: Join FightTerror.Net on Twitter | Facebook.
For any queries, Soumya Dev can be reached at: | twitter: @soumya_dev | +91-9899887789
We urge you to please Soumya,in such a nice endeavour and help us all in living peacefully!