Growing Indian Maoist Menace, Train Hostage Drama: Who is Responsible?

Today one of the most elite and prestigious trains of India Rajdhani Express was held hostage for almost 5 hours. Some 200 people who surrounded the train and abducted the driver were no terrorists but yet they did manage to spread word of terror. The abducted driver was later released and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) rescued of 1200 stranded passengers. No one was seriously injured or killed and no one was arrested either
It is believed that these 200 local people belonging to the interiors of Jharkhand were part of Maoist group demanding release of their leaders who have been recently arrested during crackdown on Maoists operations in some states (mainly West Bengal).
Naxalite and Maoist movement has been gaining ground in the interiors of India mainly due to flawed development policies. Developmental projects like dams, mines, heavy industries have displaced thousands of people all over India who have been forced to live in slums in the cities. It is only activists and Maoists groups who have managed to reach out to farmers and poor tribals living in interiors of India and hence have found good haven and fertile ground for their revolutionary dreams.
If only administration and politicians had kept their promises of providing basic infrastructure like health,  primary education and right to livelihood to millions living in far flung villages this Maoist menace would not have grown into a big tree which if uprooted now will certainly shake the whole country. Its better to cut the roots  and let the tree to die out naturally to uproot this menace completely.