Chidambaram Says Naxalism & Terrorism Are Different

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has said that Naxalism is not the same as terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and mentioned that the Maoists, who are creating problems in the north-east India should be treated as an entirely different entity.
He has also urged the Naxals o give up violence and hold peace talks with government. Chidambaram said that the Naxals were not demanding for secession with India whereas this is the aim of the terrorists of Jammu and Kashmir.
The Centre has termed as the act of Naxals recruiting kids for carrying out plots against security personnel as a “despicable act". The Centre has also mentioned that it is determined to put an end to the diabolical activities of Naxals.
"Intelligence inputs have indicated forced recruitment of children by Naxals in south Chhattisgarh. Naxalities are also exhorting the villagers to provide five boys or girls per village for recruitment in their armed squad," an official spokesman said in a release.
"The Government condemns this despicable act on the part of Naxals and reiterates its commitment to control the diabolical activities of Naxals," he said.
The Centre is currently firming up plans to counter the Naxal problem which has affected 20 states.