India sets up second anti-terror operations hub

 NEW DELHI, July 2 -- India on Wednesday formally set up its second specialized anti-terror operations force's hub in the southern Indian city of Chennai after Mumbai, said Home Ministry officials.
    This is part of India's efforts to raise such hubs at various cities across the country in the aftermath of the mayhem on the country's financial capital last November.
    Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram, who inaugurated the paramilitary National Security Guards (NSG) hub, said that special forces of the Indian Army will be incorporated in setting up other hubs in cities like Bangalore in southern India and Jodhpur in western India.
    He also said that with the establishment of these hubs, it would not mean that the terror threat to India will be decreased.
    "We are also using special forces of the army. Bangalore hub is by the special forces of the army. I am trying to set up a special force of the army in Jodhpur and one in Guwahati (northeast India) using the Border security force. Establishing NSG hubs will increase its flexibility and reach and it does not mean that terrorist threat has gone up in the country," he told the media.
    The Mumbai terror attacks on Nov. 26 last year killed over 170 people, including foreign nationals. The attacks exposed the loopholes in India's maritime security as well as the country's security forces response towards a terror attack.