India plans to attack Pak nuke sites using Mehsud

 Washington, July 18 : Reliable sources have said that Indian and Israeli special services units in collaboration with the TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan ) –a terrorist organisation– are preparing an attack on one of Pakistan’s strategic installation in order to achieve multiple goals.
Well-trained TTP members, around 750, will take part in this attack. Participation of Indian and Israeli units will be confined to supervision of attack and handling post attack scenario.
India has reportedly released funds to TTP for this sole attack which will create a delicate situation for Pakistani military establishment in the world. There is also information that Indians have already planned provision of some “dirty bomb” (radioactive material) to terrorists of TTP fighting against Pakistani military for this attack.
Pakistan army already has been stretched in FATA as a result of carefully devised strategy of drone attacks by CIA which creates hatred for the army and sympathy of locals for TTP chieftain Baitullah Mehsud. It has become evident from the last three drone attacks in South Waziristan that one of them was carried out on a funeral of a TTP leader who was killed in an earlier attack on the same day.
The question here is; does CIA really want to eliminate Baitullah Mehsud and his terrorist outfit TTP?
Circumstantial evidences and confession of Baitullah’s ex-aides (Haji Turkistan and slain Qari Zainuddin) had confirmed that TTP is much more than what appears in the world media (i.e an anti-USA force in reality is a pro-US and anti-Pakistan entity).
Now this latest intelligence about a possible attack on one of Pakistan ’s strategic military sites in which TTP will play a role of foot soldiers has proved beyond any doubt that TTP is foreign funded proxy force operating inside Pakistan to fulfill agenda of Pakistan ’s enemies (read India and Israel led by US).
CIA and its agents in international media are building a case against Pakistani nuclear weapons advocating the notion that these might fall into wrong hands. According to media reports Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has already said that Pakistani installations are partially under attack from militants.
How this ominous plan will be executed is still not clear but according to reliable sources, malicious activities around some of these installations have been noticed. On further investigation by Pakistani intelligence it was revealed that plan of much worse repercussions is under way.
Planning phase of this attack is carried out in Afghanistan where Indians and Israelis are training Afghan forces and intelligence.
The contemplated attack also puts a big question mark on CIA’s sincerity and credibility since without its active involvement the said plan cannot take off.