Government puts police on high alert

BANGALORE: The State Government has put the police on high alert on receipt of reports from Central intelligence agencies that three hardcore Lashkar-e-Taiba militants said to be headed for Andhra Pradesh could cross over to Karnataka.
Minister for Home V.S. Acharya told The Hindu here on Friday that the State Government received the information on Thursday and immediately put the police on alert.
“I cannot mention the steps that have been taken. We are in close touch with the Central intelligence agencies, the Union Home Ministry and with the Government of Andhra Pradesh,” he said.
He said the three men believed to be well equipped with arms and ammunition are either in Andhra Pradesh or could possibly be along the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border.
“We have put our police along the State border with Andhra Pradesh on high alert,” he said.
“We are expected to take all precautionary steps and we have done that. Several senior police officers are closely following the alert sent out by the Central agencies. However, it is definitely not a routine alert or information,” he said.
Support The State police extended logistics support to the Assam police to arrest three members of a militant group — Dima Halam Daogah.
“A few days ago the Assam police sent us specific information on the movements of this group.
“Thereafter, a special police team arrived here from Guwahati, and has now taken charge of these three militants. Special arrangements have been made to take the militants concerned to Assam,” he said.
On reports of the Director-General and Inspector-General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh proceeding on long leave reportedly due to political pressure being exerted on him, Dr. Acharya said, “The media reports are baseless. The DG&IGP had sought leave to go on a pilgrimage a long time ago and this was granted. There are no differences whatsoever.”