Over 10,000 foreign militants holed up in tribal areas: Malik

Islamabad, Apr 22 : Pakistan Prime Minister’s Interior Affairs Advisor Rehman Malik on Tuesday said that over 10,000 foreign militants were taking refuge in the tribal areas.

“Afghan currency and arms are being used in terrorist activities in Pakistan,” the News quoted Malik as saying.

Addressing the launching ceremony of Standard Operating Procedures for Police for dealing with women and investigating crimes of violence against women formulated by National Public Safety Commission and National Police Bureau, in collaboration with German Technical Cooperation, Malik asked Tehrik Nifaz-e Shariat-e Mohammedi (TNSM) chief Maulana Sufi Mohammed to read the Constitution before challenging it, as all state affairs were being run in accordance with the national document.

“What he said, is Islamic and conforms to the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah,” he added.

Malik also warned the TNSM if it violates peace agreement signed with the provincial government.

“Strict action would be taken if TNSM violates peace agreement signed with the provincial government or fails to implement it. The Nizam-e Adl Regulation (NAR-2009) was invoked in 1994, under which a session judge was named as Qazi,” he added.

Malik ruled out any intention to lift ban from TNSM and said there is no chance as well.