Mumbai attacks lead to Pakistan spook's IP address

SCO man may have been hacked

The man in charge of the Pakistan army's special communications has been named as one of the conspirators involved in the Mumbai attacks.

Colonel R Saadat Ullah, of the Pakistan army’s Special Communications Organisation, has been named as one of the terrorists after his IP address was used by Lashkar commanders to communicate with the fidayeen unit.

However, it is unclear whether Ullah was involved in the actual attacks, as he might have been the victim of a hacking.

It is possible that many of the IP addresses used by the terrorists were hacked. Terrorists would also have a vested interest in trying to drive India and Pakistan to war.

However, according to the Hindu, there are some flaws in this theory. The hacking excuse has never been offered by Islamabad, and the Indian government has been trying to have a word with Ullah or his commanding officer to rule out such a possibility. Unfortunately the Pakistan government have not been that helpful.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigations director Robert Muller is preparing to change all that when he flies to Islamabad in the hope of pushing forward investigations into last November’s Lashkar-e-Taiba attack on Mumbai.

So far the United States has also not received an answer on its request to interrogate key suspects who were arrested by Pakistan last month either.

This lack of assistance to India and especially the US is being seen as a sign that there might be a few skeletons in Pakistan’s closet over the attack. There appears to be evidence that Islamabad has historically been reluctant to allow investigation of organisations like the Lashkar, which are believed to have close links with the Pakistan army’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate.

Suspects on whom the US has in the past sought information have simply disappeared soon after their details were passed on to the Pakistani spooks.