Militancy common threat: Musharraf

ISLAMABAD, March 7 – Describing terrorism and extremism as a “common threat” to India and Pakistan, former President Pervez Musharraf today said the two countries need to adopt a “new path of peace and harmony” to resolve the problem, reports PTI. “We are facing terrorism and extremism as a common threat to the whole world, the region, Pakistan and India. That is what we need to discuss and find solutions (and work) towards a resolution,” he told reporters at the airport here before leaving for New Delhi to take part in ‘India Today’ conclave.

Noting that there had been a “cold war” between India and Pakistan since 1947, Musharraf said “if we want to resolve our common problems, we should adopt a new path of peace and harmony.”

“I think the situation demands that we interact with each other. So that way, I think my visit is very appropriate,” he said, adding the two countries “should forget the past and move towards the future.”

Musharraf said the two countries had been “making progress on the Kashmir issue” and working for the resolution of all problems during his tenure as President. “We should begin from that again and take things forward,” he added.

The former military ruler, who will deliver an address on the topic ‘Challenge of Change’ at the conclave, said he would speak frankly on Indo-Pak ties.