India against marking sections of Taliban as 'good' or 'bad'

United Nations, Mar 21 : Cautioning against attempts to draw a line between "good" and "bad" Taliban, India has said that doubts and divergences in the fight against terrorists in Afghanistan would embolden them and weaken the collective will of nations.

Speaking at the UN Security Council, Indian Ambassador Nirupam Sen stressed the need for stability of Afghanistan in the interest of economic progress of the region and asked the international community to collectively fight the threat posed by Taliban and al Qaeda who are out to undermine the country.

"Doubts, hesitation and divergences in the international community in the fight against terrorists would only weaken the collective will and embolden them," Sen warned the Security Council.

He cautioned against attempts to distinguish between"good" and"bad" Taliban and asked the international community to get beyond the"unworkable" efforts of sifting the two.

Sen's remarks were a reference to Obama administration's indication that it might be willing to talk to the less radical elements among the Taliban, which the US and NATO forces are fighting against in Afghanistan.

" Apart from application of force wherever terrorist groups are active, we must work together to deny them safe havens, political and material sustenance in Afghanistan or across the border," Sen said in a debate.